Trimlight’s Start

In 2010 Ryan, our founder, was tired of hanging lights in the cold just to have to remove them a month later while still buried in ice and snow of Utah. He knew there had to be a better way. He researched diligently on how homes are constructed to see where the best place would be to install lights permanently and how best to do it. He knew that compromising the roof or gutters was not the right thing to do so eventually he determined that installing at the fascia line was by far the best option.
With much research on how to make the product and the installation last for decades, Trimlight was launched. Fast forward 10 years and Trimlight has been installed on thousands and thousands of homes across the US and Canada.
Trimlight currently has over 100 dealers nationwide completing residential and commercial installs on a daily basis.
At First Coast Trimlight, we are happy to introduce Trimlight to Florida’s First Coast. Our leadership team has deep roots in cutting-edge technology, LED lighting, and most importantly, customer service. With over 60 combined years in the Hospitality and Event Production business, we have vast experience with holding our customer’s hands every step of the way. Our passion lies in ensuring each customer has a memorable experience. Memorable experiences, just like the ones we know you will have each time you look at your business or home glowing with Trimlight!