What exactly is Trimlight?
Trimlight is a patented lighting system (Patent # 8,926,118) designed specifically for a variety of applications on your home or businesses. Trimlight Select Plus is an amazing solution that utilizes advanced IC RGB lighting technology to become the ultimate permanent programmable lighting solution. The lights are controlled with a touch of your smart-phone using the Trimlight App and allow customization with incredible ease of use! With Trimlight, you’ll have lighting covered for any holiday, event, celebration, game day, security, or just night to night beautiful lighting!  Trim light will last for decades without you worrying about it
How Does it work?
Trimlight is more unique than any other LED permanent lighting system. We install our patented, color-matched channel under the soffit of your home. This channel protects and hides the wires and other electrical components, while perfectly blending in with the architectural look and style of your home or business. Trimlight channel does not interfere with most gutters or other architectural features on a building. It mounts safely below so that water can’t enter or UV rays can’t damage the bulbs. There are no loose wires, there are no plastic clips, or anything else that would take away from the beauty of your home. In fact, most people wouldn’t notice anything different when looking at your home during the day. The light emitting diodes (LEDs) barely protrude from the channel which gives it a hidden effect.


Our Select PLUS system allows the user to control every bulb with ease. A simple touch of your smartphone will allow you to choose any color combination for millions, yes million, of options. Our Features will allow you to choose colors to rotate back and forth, flash, scroll through a cycle of multiple colors, chase, strobe, pulse, etc.  TRIMLIGHT bulbs use exclusively LED lighting technology that is designed to outlast conventional, incandescent bulbs all while using only a small fraction of the power.

Tell me about the warranty?
Trimlight offers an unparalleled  LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY!  This is what makes Trimlight stand apart from all others in the industry.   In the rare occurrence that a light burns out, a system controller malfunctions, or anything else fails, under normal operating conditions, the part is covered at no expense to the you!  Remember it’s for a lifetime!


First Coast Trimlight also provides a 2 year labor warranty.   Your Sales Professional will provide you with a full copy of our warranties.

What about my HOA?
HOA’s can come across as firm in their policies, and quite often doubtful regarding your requests.   Trimlight is an architectural enhancement to your home that most people would not even notice during the day unless it was pointed out to them.


If you are seeking HOA approval, please work with your Sales Professional and they will provide you a packet of information specifically geared for HOA’s that  explains the installation process simple and easy, thus allowing the approval process to be as smooth as possible.  With Trimlight being a recent new addition to the First Coast, many have not seen or heard of, or have familiarity, with this amazing product.  Our guess is the Community will want it at their entrance and clubhouse!

Is it hard to figure out how to use it?
No worries, we will not leave until you understand how to use it.   Our installers will walk you through step by step using the free Smart-phone app.   We will show you how to pre-program, change, update, and use the calendar feature so you can have the look you want, when you want it.  Remember our easy to use app can be programmed for up to a year in advance!
I’m Ready! Tell me how to have Trimlight installed?
Its easy!  Simply fill out the request for more information here and we will be in touch to meet with you and provide and estimate.  Once you give us your thumbs up, we will schedule a date to make your home or business part of the Trimlight Family.


Since all products are custom made, based on the design of your home or business, it will take a few weeks before the product is ready to be installed.   We will provide you with a scheduled date for the install.   Typically, the scheduling times become heavy during the fall, so plan early!