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Programmable Security and Down Lighting with an Elegant Look!

With Trimlight’s newest color changing security lighting system, you can have an elegant high end look on your home without the heavy cost of pull wires through the soffit and cut holes in your exterior! This awesome product easily attaches to your home and looks identical to current models of recessed can lighting.

Our Down Lighting system works perfectly with our Trimlight!

Trimlight’s Security Lighting works seamlessly with a Trimlight Select System and allows the users to customize the colors, patterns, flashing or moving speed, brightness, and gives you complete control from your smartphone or tablet. Most of our customers love using their Trimlight Select system all year for many occasions. Trimlight’s Down Lighting system gives a perfect splash of light on the walls or architectural features to highlight and accentuate the home or building, not to mention that it makes for added security lighting! Criminals and trespassers don’t like to hide in yards that are lit up.

Our Down Lighting system is built with top quality RGB lights that are all LED and energy efficient. They are bright and beautiful yet very low profile to be less noticeable during the day. They are also easy to replace if one ever goes out.  An additional feature is that the covers can be painted to match the trim if desired.

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security lighting white 3