Video Tutorials

You’re about to take your Trimlight experience to a whole new level—encapsulating your personal touch and style within the glow of vibrant LED hues.

From festive holiday displays to spirited game-day atmospheres, your color changes are just a few clicks away. Dial in the perfect look to match your mood, or let our experts show you the way, with the perfect color schemes that impress every time.

These videos aren’t just tutorials—they’re your sidekicks, accompanying you on every quest for the perfect ambiance. So grab your Trimlight remote, settle in, and uncover the boundless possibilities at your fingertips.

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video tutorials
How do I connect my Trimlight Edge controller if I changed routers or my WI-FI password

How do I set up and program the app that controls the lights


How do I connect my network to the controlling app Edge

How do I create custom colors and patterns

Connecting the app to the network


Using the Pre-Set programming controls

How to create custom colors and patterns

Setting up the timer and scheduling the lights

Want to Create a Stunning Lightning Effect? Watch Me !!!

Your in Control

As a proud member of the Trimlight community, you’ve undoubtedly appreciated the transformative power of your lighting system. With every elegant hue and perfectly-timed transition, your outdoor space isn’t just illuminated; it’s alive with your personal creative touch. And as the seasons dance past your doorstep, your Trimlight setup offers more than just light—it’s your handcrafted canvas to the world.